HangARoo 2.05

A free word game that places a unique twist on the classic word game Hangman

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    Windows 98 SE / Windows NT / Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME

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    7.5 (225)

Developed by NCBuy, HangARoo is a digital take on the tried and true game of hangman. The HangARoo features a talking kangaroo at the noose, who critiques a gamer's choice of letters as play progresses.


  • The mechanics of the game function nicely. A player can make letter selections by using the keyboard or clicking letter buttons on the screen. A person can pick four incorrect letters before losing a round. There exists a plethora of different puzzles, enough to keep a person's attention over the course of the long term.
  • Some of the individual hangman puzzles include trivia popups associated with the phrase at issue. These appear in little bubbles and make a round more interesting. The trivia also provides useful clues towards solving the particular puzzle being played at that moment.
  • HangARoo features a great audio accompaniment. The audio makes the game an even more enjoyable experience. Keep in mind that the audio includes the "sassy" kangaroo who taunts a player throughout a round. The talking kangaroo adds a bit of levity to the already generally enjoyable proceedings.
  • Although it is the chattering kangaroo in the noose, keep in mind that if he faces his demise, it is not a gruesome experience for a player. Indeed, not only does the kangaroo head up to heaven if a player wins the game, he also returns quickly for the next round. This is noted because HangARoo really is suitable for people of different ages.


  • On the downside, HangARoo includes a number of promotion icons, which tend to clutter the interface. Of course, these promo bits are the reason why the game is available at no cost. Some promotional icons also end up in a user's start menu folder. A person who downloads HangARoo needs to bear in mind that these icons do not vanish even if that individual uninstalls HangARoo. Although some people find this reality to be a decent tradeoff for a free and enjoyable game, the belief is not universal. Some people who are not aware of the fact that certain icons do not disappear, even with an uninstall, find this inappropriate.

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